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Death Watch Beetles

death watch beetles

Grover Cleveland Lindauer (1885-1968) death certificate

Grover Cleveland Lindauer (1885-1968) death certificate

Grover Cleveland Lindauer (1885-1968) aka Grover Dunne; Salesman in Magazine Advertising (b. Christmas Day, December 25, 1885, probably Rye, Westchester County, New York, USA - d. August 09, 1968, 509 Queen Anne Road, Teaneck, Bergen County, New Jersey, 07666, USA) Social Security Number 092263069.

According to his death certificate, Grover was born on Christmas Day in 1885. His parents were "Charles Lindauer" and Mary Dunne. How he fits into the Lindauer family tree is still uncertain, until his birth certificate and marriage certificate are located. He was most likely born in Manhattan and later moved to Rye, New York. It is not known if "Charles Lindauer" is the same person as Charles Frederick Lindauer (1836-1921).

Rye, New York:
In the year 1900 he was living in Rye, Westchester County, New York in the home of Charles Frederick Lindauer (1836-1921) and Anna Augusta Kershaw (1841-1931) under the name "Grover Dunne", and he is listed as a "nephew". As a nephew he would be the child of one of Charles' siblings, our his spouse's siblings.

Louis Miller:
Also in the household was Louis Miller. Louis and Grover appear together in a photograph that belonged to Eloise Ensko (1882-1966). The photograph is labeled "Grover and brother Louis".

On June 28, 1907, in Manhattan, Grover married Lelia Belle Hebbard (1888-1943) aka Elia Hebbard. Their certificate was number "17948".

Together they had one child: Gladys Stanley Lindauer (1908-1997).

World War I:
He worked for the New York State Federation of Labor in Utica, New York when he registered for the draft.

Advertising Salesman:
In 1920 Grover was living at 401 9th Avenue, West New York, Hudson County, New Jersey. He worked selling advertising for a magazine.

Teaneck, New Jersey:
By 1930 through at least 1942 he was living at 509 Queen Anne Road in Teaneck, Bergen County, New Jersey. He ran a bar called Old Heidelburg in Teaneck on Cedar Lane.

World War II:
He filled out his draft registration card in 1942. He was living at 509 Queen Anne Road in Teaneck and was working for the New York State Federation of Labor in Albany, New York.

Second Marriage:
In 1950 he married Norma M. Stickles (1899-1982).

Memories of Grover:
Roger Cleveland Hecht (1935- ) tells the following story about Grover: "He celebrated his birthday on Christmas, but we didn't know a lot about him. He worked for a magazine, or a printer, I think people paid him to put in ads. It was called Allied Printing Trade and he would take me into New York with him once in a while while he was working. My grandmother, Lelia Belle Hebbard died and Grover married Norma Stickles. After he remarried my family never talked to him again. I would visit him because he lived down the street from me. We would always go to the post office for his work. He ran a bar called Old Heidelberg in Teaneck, New Jersey on Cedar Lane. I grew up in Teaneck, New Jersey. He would solicit ads for that publication then later he retired. His second wife was nice but we didn't get to know her until Grover died and we talked at his funeral. If I stopped at his house on the way to school he would reach into his pocket and give me a couple of bucks. He lived at 509 Queen Anne Road, Teaneck. He had a fish pond in his yard and he loved his roses and dahlias. He also loved dogs. We would pick the Japanese beetles off his roses and feed them to the goldfish in his pond, or put them in a jar with gasoline. He would give me a few bucks and I would get candy for my friends and myself, and we would eat so much we would get sick. Then my friend's mothers would call my mother and she would yell at Grover for giving me too much money. He was 5' 10'' or 5' 11'. He didn't say much. When I was little he bought me a car, I was eight or eleven. It had a rumble seat, but, my parents said I was too young for a car. He would take me to the railroad station and we would watch the trains come in. He always bought me fancy clothes and I looked light Little Lord Fauntleroy in all the family pictures."

There is a ship called the "G.C. Lindauer". It was built in 1901 in the state of Washington, and when the index was created on June 30, 1915 the vessel was in port in San Francisco, California. It is not known if there is any relationship between him and the vessel.

Grover died on August 09, 1968 from "bronchiopneumonia, gastrointestinal hemorrhage and left hemiplegia".

He was buried in Fairview Mausoleum in Fairview, New Jersey.

Grover Cleveland Lindauer (1885-1968) was the half great-granduncle of Richard Arthur Norton (1958- ) if his father is Charles Frederick Lindauer (1835-1921).

King Henry Vlll's Great Hall, Hampton Court Palace

King Henry Vlll's Great Hall, Hampton Court Palace

This splendid chamber (108 feet long by 40 feet wide and 60 feet high) was used for banquets, receptions, masques and balls, and other functions.

It has been repaired a number of times, the gorgeous hammer beam roof, like that of Westminster Hall, having suffered badly from the ravages of the death-watch beetle.

With its finely carved minstrel's gallery and screens, stained-glass windows, and magnificent tapestries, the hall presents a picture of singular richness and beauty.

The glass is modern, that in the west window relates to Henry VIII and his wives and children, whose badges are a feature whilst the east window illustrates the genealogy of the royals.

In the oriel to the right of the dais the arms of Wolsey and of his several dioceses appear; and the side windows contain alternately the badges and devices of Henry VIII and the pedigree of his wives.

The Brussels tapestries on the side walls, The history of Abraham, date from the early 16th Century and are one of the finest sets of their style and kind in existence.

The tapestries under the gallery represent the Triumph of Fate and the Story of Hercules.

death watch beetles

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